Meet Your PAC Leaders

Region 1

Cathy Bishop

Name: Cathy Bishop (Region 1 Leader)

My name is Cathy. I love to cook and spend time with my family. I became a member of the PAC to join the fight for fair wages and respect for all healthcare workers.

Name: Patricia Purdy
PAC City: Iroquois Falls

My name is Patricia. I enjoy reading, spending time with family and friends and I also volunteer for different causes of interest. I am a mother of two and a grandmother of five. I joined the PAC to make a difference and stand up for healthcare workers by educating the government on why privatization is bad for our healthcare system.

Nadia Meneano

Name: Nadia Meneano
PAC City: Thunder Bay

My name is Nadia Meneano.
I work at Wesway for the past 26 years as a Respite Worker.
In my spare time I love working on arts and crafts especially wood burning and hanging out with my Quaker parrot.
I joined the political action committee to prevent the government from privatizing our healthcare and to fight for healthcare workers rights across our union.
Please support the PAC movement so together we can prevent Doug Ford and his government from harming front line healthcare workers and our public healthcare system.

Region 2


Name: Marva Hird (Region 2 Leader)

Hi my name is Marva Hird, I work at Ballycliffe Lodge as a psw for 17 years. I am a mother of 4 children 3 daughters 1 son and a grandmother of 9.
In my spare time I like to cook and bake
My hobbies are baking and singing
I joined the PAC to let my voices be heard and keep healthcare funded and not being privatized for the future generations to come.

Name: Linda Mackenzie-Nicholas
PAC City: Cobourg/Port Hope

Hi My name is Linda. I am a retired SEIU Healthcare staff. I may have retired from my job but not from standing up and speaking out against injustice. I joined the PAC to defend public healthcare, fight for better wages, pensions, and benefits. I do what I can to make a difference so that life is much more affordable for all.

Natalie Stephenson

Name: Natalie Stephenson
PAC City: Peterborough

My name is Natalie. I enjoy decorating, cooking, and spending my time at home because I have travelled a lot in the past. I joined the PAC to bring me out of my comfort zone. By learning to advocate for my colleagues and educate the government on the need for support for home care workers. I have joined my union in the fight for fair wages and improved quality of life for all healthcare workers.


Name: is Yvonne Winkle
PAC City: Ajax

Hi, my name is Yvonne Winkle I work at Orchard Villa Retirement Home as a PSW.
In my spare time I read world news, play games on my phone, or watch a movie
I decided to join the PAC to be a strong community leader alongside a dedicated group of people who are not afraid to take on the status quo, and whose aim is to build political support for issues that are important to healthcare workers.

Eulalee Robinson

Name: Eulalee Robinson
PAC City: Pickering

Hi my name is Eulalee I am a PSW. I like to spend time with my family and watch the Maple Leaf’s. I joined the PAC to motivate and encourage other members to get involved in Political action. I have joined my union in fighting for safer staffing levels and better wages for all healthcare workers.

Region 3


Name: Crystal Hutter (Region 3 Leader)

Hi my name is Crystal Hutter, I am in my 19th year as a PSW at Oak Terrace LTC home.
I am a wife and mother proudly raising a 20-year-old daughter.
In my spare time I enjoy attending fitness classes at my local rec centre and enjoy being outdoors. I also spend time volunteering at the local outreach programs and participating in various community events.
I joined the PAC to ensure that the voices of our members are heard and acted upon. I’m committed to strengthening collective bargaining rights, advocating for fair labour practices, and focusing on the well-being of our members and the communities we represent.

Name: Barbara Fletcher
PAC City: Owen Sound

I am Barbara Fletcher. I am a PSW, CDCP, Certified Health and Safety Representative and Union Steward. I became a member of the PAC to help get the Home Care sector the recognition it deserves.

Name: Tanya Millea
PAC City: Barrie

My name is Tanya. I work as an RPN. In my spare time, I like to spend time reading and exploring the outdoors with my six children. I also like to kayak and paint. I joined the PAC to advocate for patient safety and healthcare workers rights. I am advocating for fair wages because it’s essential to recruit and retain nurses to provide exceptional care.

Dawn Smith

Name: Dawn Smith
PAC City: Collingwood

Hi, my name is Dawn and work at CGMH in Collingwood full time in the EVS department for the past 4 years,
I enjoy going for walks/hikes, fishing and hunting with my husband and weekends away up north at our family cabin.
I am the mother of “Two Angel Boys”, both of my boys have passed and I will always hold them deep in my heart.
I joined PAC because our communities need to hear from frontline workers about the current state of our healthcare system.
Together we can ensure that our public healthcare is available for generations to come.
We can hold the government accountable to fund all sectors of healthcare so we can “stop doing more with less”.

Name: April Rose
PAC City: Orillia

My name is April, I’m a recreation assistant at Oak Terrace LTC and also a certified music therapist. I love to grow, cook, and eat delicious food. I enjoy spending time outside, reading, and playing video games. I joined the PAC because I’ve always wanted to be more politically involved and advocate for the issues I am passionate about.
Debbie Couturier

Name: Debbie Couturier
PAC City: Midland City

Hi my name is Debbie Couturier I am a PSW at Care Partners for the past 18 years.
In my spare time I love to garden, travel, and spend time with my animals.
I joined the PAC because I love to be involved and engaged in my union, I want to be part of the change for healthcare workers in Ontario.

Region 4

Vonetia Reid

Name: Vonetia Reid (Region 4 Leader)

My name is Vonetia. I am a PSW, a union steward and a PAC Leader. When I commit to something, I give my all. I love my union and what it stands for. This is why I joined the fight for a better healthcare system.

Name: Janet morgan
PAC City: Etobicoke

My name is Janet. I joined the PAC to help fight to ensure that Long Term Care is a place where we all can retire with adequate services for everyone.


Name: Jingle Ayupan
PAC City: Etobicoke

Hi my name is Jingle, I work at Sunnybrook Hospital as a Patient Services Partner for the past 15 years.
I love to travel and meet people of like minds and diverse cultures.
I joined the PAC because I want to bring awareness to the challenges healthcare workers face on a daily basis.
I believe we are stronger together!
When we work together, we can make a difference and make a positive change on society and the world at large.

Name: Teressa Weiler
PAC City: North York

My name is Teressa. I am a mother and grandmother of five amazing children. I’ve been a PSW for over 22 years. I became a member of the PAC to educate myself and gain the tools I need to make a better future.

Irma Wiafe

Name: Irma Wiafe
PAC City: North York

My name is Irma. I am a PSW. I like to read and work out. I like to volunteer on various community activities. I joined the PAC to fight for equality, better wages and to advocate for a better healthcare.

Fritzie Prijoles

Name: Fritzie Prijoles
PAC City: Scarborough

Hi my name is Fritzie I am an RPN and Chief steward. I love to read, take nature walks, create balloon designs for special events, try new restaurants and spend time with my family. I joined the PAC to advocate for fair wages, safe staffing levels and to ensure the community has a safe and quality public healthcare system.

Vijitha Prabakaren

Name: Vijitha Prabakaran
PAC City: Scarborough

My name s Vijitha. I love the nursing profession, and I love to help all healthcare teams understand their rights. I feel we can do this with the help of my union. When we fight, we win.


Name: Estelle Penny
PAC City: Toronto

My name is Estelle. I am a PSW. I joined the PAC to advocate for better wages and working conditions.

Alyssa Woodcock

Name: Alyssa Woodcock
PAC City: Newmarket

Hi, my name is Alyssa, I work at South Lake Regional Centre for the past 5 years as a staff scheduler.
In my spare time I like to play volleyball, advocate for young workers and I volunteer at an animal shelter.
I joined the PAC to make government change and to fight for better working conditions for healthcare workers across the province.

Rosalinda Mateo

Name: Rosalinda Mateo
PAC City: Markham

Hi my name is Rosalinda I work as a dietary aid for the past 10 years at Four Elms Retirement Residence.
I am the Chief steward at my workplace and involved in the Asian Pacific Islanders Committee.
In my spare time I like to read, catch up on current events, walking and exploring unfamiliar places.
I joined the PAC to stay involved in my union, have my voice heard, learn to lead, and collectively push for positive changes to our public healthcare system.

Region 5

Ellen Bekoe

Name: Ellen Bekoe (Regional 5 Leader)

My name is Ellen. I am an RPN. I love to dance and listen to music. I joined the PAC to fight for better healthcare for all citizens of Canada.

Lisa Pattison

Name: Lisa Pattison
PAC City: Hamilton

My name is Lisa. I’ve been a Dietary Aid for 28 years now. I joined the PAC because I want to fight for all departments in the healthcare system. All healthcare workers are important! whether you’re a Nurse, a PSW or in Dietary/ Environmental/ Activities…. The government needs to respect us all!

Name: Mona Hussein
PAC City: Hamilton

My name is Mona. I joined the PAC to stay active in my union and help fight for our members rights. I continue the fight for the RPN campaign for better wages and safe staffing levels for all healthcare workers.

Donna Noad

Name: Donna Noad
PAC City: Brampton

My name is Donna Noad I work at Extendicare Brampton for the past 22 years as a PSW and I am the Chief steward there.
My favourite hobby is travelling, and I love to meet and socialize with others.
I joined the PAC because I want to make a positive change for me and my colleagues, learn and grow my leadership skills.

Maureen Reid

Name: Maureen Reid
PAC City: Mississauga

My name is Maureen. I am a PSW. I became a member of the PAC to join the fight for better wages, increased staffing levels and better working conditions for all healthcare workers.

Name: Georgette Brown Richards
PAC City: Mississauga

My name is Georgette; I have a passion for public speaking. I became a member of the PAC to advocate for higher wages and publicly funded healthcare for all Canadians.

Region 6


Name: Lisa Ryan (Region 6 Leader)

My name is Lisa Ryan I am a PSW in a LTC facility in Cambridge. In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors my hobbies are Kayaking, Hiking, Fishing, Travelling and exploring different waterfalls in Ontario. My reason for being a PAC leader is to advocate and use my voice to drew awareness in communities concerning the privatization of healthcare and the huge impact it will have on all Ontarians in the future, the need and must to keep Healthcare public and accessible for all.
Christopher Reilly

Name: Christopher Reilly
PAC City: St Catharines

My name is Chris. I am an RPN in mental health. I create art inspired by my experiences, like working in healthcare.

I am involved with the PAC because we need an informed and coordinated response to the current provincial government’s privatization of the public healthcare system.


Name: Zainab Aderibigbe
PAC City: Kitchener/Waterloo

Hello friends and family.
My name is Zainab and I work as a PSW at University Gates Long term care centre.
I am passionate about making a positive impact in my community, which is why I decided to join the political action committee (PAC).
I firmly believe in the power of collective action and advocacy to bring about meaningful change and address societal issues that matter to me.


Name: Elaine Doe
PAC City: Cambridge

Hi, my name is Elaine I work as a PSW for Care Partners servicing the Cambridge and Kitchener area.
I enjoy spending my free time roller skating.
I joined the PAC to strengthen my voice and to become an advocate for change and stand up for the rights of healthcare workers.
It is especially important to educate the public on keeping healthcare Public!
As a member it is extremely important to have my voice heard at the government level so they know what’s really happening on the front lines.

Kim MacDougall

Name: Kim MacDougall
PAC City: Brantford

My name is Kim MacDougall. I am an RPN at Cambridge Memorial Hospital.
In my spare time I like to spend time with my husband Kevin and our two dogs Holly and Ember.
I joined the PAC team because I believe we must engage and get more involved in our union to make quality change for the future of healthcare workers. I believe Politics Matters!
It’s important to ensure our coworkers, family and the community go out and vote in all elections, so we keep a government who values the work of healthcare workers!

Region 7


Name: Catherine McAnally (Region 7 Leader)

Hi my name is Catherine but everyone knows me by Cat, I work at Bluewater Health hospital as a Registered Practical Nurse in the In Patient Surgical department.
I am a mother of 3 children and a Ninny (Grandmother) of 1 adorable granddaughter named Alena.
In my spare time I like to travel, take my granddaughter on what she calls “dates”, and having as much laughter in my life as possible.
My hobbies are quilting, reading, camping and paddle boarding.
I joined the PAC to be a positive influence on the younger generation, show my granddaughter and future generations things can change when you come together as a team and be confident with your voice! Be the positivity for anyone who thinks that nothing will ever change. I am apart of an amazing team that knows that we do not have to live the way someone else says we need to. If you want to make a difference, Speak Up make sure you Speak Loud and Speak of a Positive Change!

Name: Sylvie Davey
PAC City: London/Huron County

My name is Sylvie Davey.
I work at Elgin Manor Long term care facility, as a PSW for over 20 years. I am the chief steward for 18 years, health and safety, infection control, and palliative care as I am trained as a death doula.
I love to sew, craft, kayak/outdoors and enjoy reading.
I have many pets which we love.
Spending time playing board games or cards with my family is how I enjoy my free time.
I decided to join the PAC Committee because I have participated in the Woman’s committee for the last 8 years and thought I would try something different to learn more about politics and how I can better support and fight for important healthcare issues.


Name: Amy Lenover
PAC City: Chatham

My name is Amy, and I am a Registered Practical Nurse in LTC.
I love to travel and spend time with family & friends.
I am an advocate for all healthcare workers, especially RPN’s and the Drive to $35.

Name: Michael Murphy
PAC City: Sarnia

I am Michael. My hobbies are drumming and spending time with my son. I became a member of the PAC to join the fight for better treatment of healthcare workers and better wages.

Name: Lucy Martinho
PAC City: Leamington

My name is Lucy. I am a PSW. I enjoy travelling and spending time with my grandchildren, family, and friends. I joined the PAC to advocate to keep healthcare in Ontario accessible for all. It is also an opportunity for me to educate the government on the sacrifices healthcare workers make very day.

Region 8

Elma Lozano

Name: Elma Lozano (Region 8 Leader)

My name is Elma. I work as a PSW. I like to keep myself active physically and mentally by reading, riding my bike, and practice kata’s. I am fighting to keep healthcare public for all residents of Canada.

Brandy Meeks

Name: Brandy Meeks
PAC City: Kingston

My name is Brandy. I’m an avid explorer. I became a member of the PAC to advocate to keep our Healthcare at the forefront of the different levels of government.

Sarah Gendron

Name: Sarah Gendron
PAC City: North Bay

My name is Sarah. I work in long term care as a cook. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I like to travel and explore the outdoors. I joined the PAC to raise awareness and advocate for healthcare workers.

Gita Koushik

Name: Gita Koushik
PAC City: Ottawa/Nepean

My name is Gita. I am an RPN. I enjoy gardening and cooking in my spare time. I joined the PAC to advocate for drive to $35 and safe staffing levels. As a member of the PAC, I also have the opportunity to educate the government on the challenges in the healthcare profession.